Oana Caluseriu

Oana Caluseriu

Assistant Professor

Medical Genetics
Medical Sciences Building
(780) 407-2993

Education, training and current affiliation:

1996 –MD, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Tirgu-Mures, Romania

2001 –Specialist in Medical Genetics, Catholic University, Rome, Italy

2001-2005- Fellow, University of Toronto

2005-2010- Resident in Medical Genetics, University of Calgary

2010-2012- Fellow, CIHR Program in Genetics, Child Development and Health, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Calgary, AB

2011- Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Medical Genetics

2012- Fellow of the Canadian College of Medical Genetics

2012- Clinical geneticist, and Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Interests and grant support: I am a clinician scientist with interest in phenotypic and molecular characterization of rare disorders in particular conditions involving craniofacial and limb anomalies. Prospective students will have exposure to clinical and molecular research including the use of next generation sequencing technology. I am a site representative for the Canadian Pediatric Genetics Sequencing Consortium “Enhanced Care for Rare Genetic Diseases in Canada”. Current grant support as a PI and Co-PI is provided by The Rare Disease Foundation, Women and Children Health Research Institute, and Dart Neuroscience.

Selected recent presentations and publications:

  1. Caluseriu O, Bamforth JS. To the Bone: Natural History of Four Cases with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. 34th Annual David W. Smith Workshop, August 9-14, 2013, Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada (platform presentation)
  2. Caluseriu, O, Beaulieu C, Boycott KM. FORGE supports evidence based health care in the practice of medical genetics. Evidence Live 2013 Conference, March 25-26, 2013, Oxford, UK (poster)
  3. Caluseriu O, Reardon W. 2012. Malformation Syndromes. In: Rennie JM, editor. Textbook of Neonatology, Fifth Edition. London, UK: Elsevier Limited. p791-817.
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Christelle Dzolang
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